An extraordinary advantage in the battle for real information security

The Ultimate Cyber Security Weapon

The AI-Powered Security Force: Elite Hackers of the Future

Penetration Testing

Scaled by the world’s most skilled hackers and AI technology

Industry 4.0 Security

Guardians of I-4.0: Elite hackers and AI securing tomorrow's innovations.

Risk Advisory Services

Navigating uncertainties with precision: Elite hackers and AI fortifying risk landscapes


Securing excellence: Cyber Matrix, where certifications meet elite hacking prowess.

2,330+ Global brands trust us and organizations of all sizes.

Every penetration testing engagement turns into a repeat partnership. We've safeguarded billions in Fortune 500 revenue and disclosed thousands of security vulnerabilities.

Who We Are

See Your System Through the Eyes of a Hacker.

Visualize your system from a hacker's perspective with Cyber Matrix—your shield against cyber threats for Fortune 500, Global 2000, enterprises, and governments worldwide.

The Idea

Empower cybersecurity through an innovative synergy of elite ethical hackers and cutting-edge artificial intelligence, reshaping security paradigms for unparalleled defense.

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What we offer

Delve into Cyber Matrix's cutting-edge penetration testing services

Uncover vulnerabilities that truly matter for robust cybersecurity.. 

Infrastructure Security Assesment

Navigate the digital landscape confidently. Cyber Matrix: Pioneering Infrastructure Security Assessment for resilient defense.

Web Applications and Services Security Assesments

Empower your digital fortress. Cyber Matrix: Unmatched expertise in fortifying web applications and services security

Mobile Application Security Assesment

Elevate your app's defense. Cyber Matrix: Going beyond automation, we step into the hacker's mindset for robust mobile application security.

API Security Assessment

Unlock the gate to secure data flow. Cyber Matrix excels in API Security Assessment, ensuring impenetrable shields for your digital interactions.

Secure Code Review

Elevate your code to Fort Knox standards. Our elite hackers meticulously review and fortify your software, ensuring an impenetrable digital fortress.

Thick Client Security Assessment

Navigate the labyrinth of Thick Client security with our elite manual penetration testers. A methodical approach to fortify your applications against all vulnerabilities.

Red Team Assessment

Elevate your defenses with a Red Team Assessment. Enhance detection, response capabilities, and fortify your organization against cyber threats.

Firewall Security Assessment

Ensure robust defense. Our Firewall Security Assessment strengthens your network's barriers against cyber threats, leaving no room for compromise.

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Why Choose Us

Way more than security experts.

In the wide and competitive world of cybersecurity, our unparalleled capabilities and elite, experienced talent is unmatched. 

Combination Of Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence

Cyber Matrix Hackers, deploys into each assignment drawing from the collective innovation, an intelligent platform, creativity, and the unique tools and techniques that make Cyber Matrix the very best

A step Ahead Malicious Actors

As thought leaders and pioneers of the cybersecurity industry, our engineers are among the first to learn about new vulnerabilities and opportunities for malicious hacking, as they’re discovered.

Unicorn-Powered Intrusion Detection / Prevention

Embark on Cybersecurity's Fairytale: Eyewatch Chronicles

Dive into the future of cybersecurity with Eyewatch, our cutting-edge intrusion detection system. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Eyewatch boasts an astonishing 98.8% accuracy in swiftly identifying and neutralizing threats. Trust us, it's not magic; it's just the unicorn touch in cybersecurity reality.

What We Do

At Cyber Matrix, we orchestrate security beyond the ordinary. Our hackers wield unparalleled expertise, offering an extraordinary advantage in the battlefield of information security. Unleash the power of true cybersecurity symphony with us. 

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In our consultations, we navigate your unique cybersecurity landscape, offering tailored insights and expert guidance. Trust Cyber Matrix for strategic counsel that empowers your digital defense.

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Our Social Engineering Services

Putting your team through social engineering training is one thing, but testing their awareness outside the training modules is another. Beyond training, we simulate real-world scenarios to fortify awareness.

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Elite Training by Verified Millionaire Bug Bounty Hunters

Embark on a cybersecurity journey led by verified millionaire bug bounty hunters. Learn from the industry's champions and unlock unprecedented achievements in the art of ethical hacking.

What if your organization could foresee cyber threats before they strike?

Elevate your security with Cyber Matrix's cutting-edge continuous penetration testing, orchestrated by our elite Red Team and sophisticated technology.


What They Say.

Discover what our clients are saying about our penetration testing services—where thoroughness meets excellence. 

Working with Cyber Matrix has been an amazing experience. Their team of elite ethical hackers and AI technology has helped us discover vulnerabilities in our systems that we never knew existed.

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Cyber Matrix is the premier destination for artificial intelligence in cybersecurity.The combination of AI technology and manual penetration testing by their elite researchers has given us the confidence to know that our systems are secure. We highly recommend Cyber Matrix to anyone looking for exceptional cybersecurity services.

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Marcus Turner f5

As a Fortune 500 company, we were looking for a trusted cybersecurity consultant that could provide us with comprehensive solutions to protect our assets. Cyber Matrix exceeded our expectation.

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