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Unveiling seamless solutions, our ingenuity transcends conventional boundaries, defining a new era in cybersecurity excellence

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Elevating businesses through resilient digital fortification. As trailblazers in African cybersecurity, we've tactically secured the treasures of elite enterprises. 


Microsoft Corp

Revolutionizing cybersecurity, we collaborated seamlessly with Microsoft Corp, fortifying their digital empire. Our strategic prowess transcended boundaries, securing their assets with unparalleled expertise and innovation.

Apple Inc.

Unveiling vulnerabilities through security research initiatives, we've contributed to fortifying Apple Inc's digital infrastructure. Our relentless pursuit of excellence ensures the utmost security for their technology landscape.

PayPal Inc.

Revolutionizing financial security, our security research initiatives have revealed vulnerabilities, fortifying the digital landscape of PayPal Inc. With unwavering dedication, we ensure a resilient foundation for their digital transactions.


Empowering digital commerce security, we've uncovered vulnerabilities through rigorous security research, strengthening Amazon's digital infrastructure. Our dedication ensures unwavering protection for their vast online marketplace.


Elevating financial cybersecurity, our security research initiatives have unveiled vulnerabilities, contributing to the fortification of Visa's digital ecosystem. Our commitment ensures robust protection for their global payment network.


Fostering online resilience, our security prowess has played a pivotal role in fortifying Yahoo's digital landscape. Through relentless security research, we've contributed to enhancing the integrity of their diverse online services.

Ready to fortify your digital realm with the unstoppable force of our African cybersecurity juggernaut?

We are a preeminent African cybersecurity behemoth, renowned for our exceptional proficiency in penetrating and exploiting even the most fortified systems on earth with ease, a task we undertake with aplomb as part of our daily routine..


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Discover what our clients are saying about our penetration testing services—where thoroughness meets excellence. 

Working with Cyber Matrix has been an amazing experience. Their team of elite ethical hackers and AI technology has helped us discover vulnerabilities in our systems that we never knew existed.

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Cyber Matrix is the premier destination for artificial intelligence in cybersecurity.The combination of AI technology and manual penetration testing by their elite researchers has given us the confidence to know that our systems are secure. We highly recommend Cyber Matrix to anyone looking for exceptional cybersecurity services.

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As a Fortune 500 company, we were looking for a trusted cybersecurity consultant that could provide us with comprehensive solutions to protect our assets. Cyber Matrix exceeded our expectation.

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