Infrastructure Security Assesment.

It takes a hacker to think like a hacker and pinpoint real weaknesses in your infrastructure.

What we Do

Revolutionary approach to infrastructure security assessment

At Cyber Matrix Tech, we take a revolutionary approach to infrastructure security assessment that integrates the power of offensive neural, our state-of-the-art artificial intelligence attack surface detection and vulnerability identification platform, with the expertise of our elite team of ethical hackers. . 

Offensive Neural

Our patented breakthrough in intelligence-driven infrastructure assessment allows us to pinpoint real weaknesses in your network or security system with unprecedented accuracy. Our approach is holistic and designed to tackle all security threats, ensuring that your infrastructure is secure from all angles.

Pre-engagement phase

Our Infrastructure Security Assessment process begins with a pre-engagement phase that involves gathering requirements and arranging meetings while collecting essential information. Our team then performs passive and active reconnaissance using offensive neural, combined with our elite hackers' expertise, to gather critical information about your target network infrastructure.

Detailed scope for assessment

Once the required information is gathered, we outline a detailed scope for assessment, and our team profiles the target network infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities present using both automated tools and manual techniques. We then move on to the exploitation phase, where we take actual steps to exploit discovered vulnerabilities, covering all vulnerabilities outlined to the stakeholders.

Report Writing

Our Infrastructure Security Assessment process culminates with a detailed written report outlining all vulnerabilities, root cause analysis, categorization, and mitigation, along with a confirmatory re-test certificate if needed. Additionally, our round-the-clock support ensures that our clients never have to witness hurdles in the business.


Our Infrastructure Security Assessment services cover both internal and external threats, including network, router, firewall, cloud, host level security assessment, container security, comprehensive Active Directory assessment, attack and ransomware simulations, and much more.


Cyber Matrix Tech ensures complete coverage when it comes to infrastructure security assessment. Our assessment includes asset criticality profiling for impact assessment, attack surface mapping, endpoint services, and zero-day vulnerabilities. We also cover network sniffing, foot-printing, and probing, IAM, Active Directory, and LDAP implementation flaws, NAC bypass, DNS enumeration issues, web server misconfiguration exposure, authentication and authorization testing, database script injection vulnerabilities, database security testing, and evasion against IDS, honeypots, and firewall evasion vectors.

Whay Choose Us ?

At Cyber Matrix Tech, we are committed to delivering advanced, attractive, and cutting-edge solutions that reflect the unique needs of our clients. With our revolutionary Infrastructure Security Assessment process, you can rest assured that your infrastructure is in safe hands. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you secure your infrastructure like never before!  

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In our consultations, we navigate your unique cybersecurity landscape, offering tailored insights and expert guidance. Trust Cyber Matrix for strategic counsel that empowers your digital defense.

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Our Social Engineering Services

Putting your team through social engineering training is one thing, but testing their awareness outside the training modules is another. Beyond training, we simulate real-world scenarios to fortify awareness.

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Elite Training by Verified Millionaire Bug Bounty Hunters.

Embark on a cybersecurity journey led by verified millionaire bug bounty hunters. Learn from the industry's champions and unlock unprecedented achievements in the art of ethical hacking.

What We Do?

At Cyber Matrix, we orchestrate security beyond the ordinary. Our hackers wield unparalleled expertise, offering an extraordinary advantage in the battlefield of information security. Unleash the power of true cybersecurity symphony with us.


What They Say.

Discover what our clients are saying about our penetration testing services—where thoroughness meets excellence. 

Working with Cyber Matrix has been an amazing experience. Their team of elite ethical hackers and AI technology has helped us discover vulnerabilities in our systems that we never knew existed.

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Cyber Matrix is the premier destination for artificial intelligence in cybersecurity.The combination of AI technology and manual penetration testing by their elite researchers has given us the confidence to know that our systems are secure. We highly recommend Cyber Matrix to anyone looking for exceptional cybersecurity services.

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As a Fortune 500 company, we were looking for a trusted cybersecurity consultant that could provide us with comprehensive solutions to protect our assets. Cyber Matrix exceeded our expectation.

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Frequently Ask Questions

"Explore common inquiries about our services, security practices, and more. If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team.

Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security by requiring users to provide two forms of identification before accessing an account. It enhances protection against unauthorized access, even if passwords are compromised.

Look for suspicious email addresses, unexpected attachments or links, and requests for sensitive information. Verify the sender's identity before clicking on any links. Cybersecurity training for employees is crucial to recognizing and avoiding phishing attempts. .

Secure your home network by using a strong, unique password for your Wi-Fi, enabling WPA3 encryption, and regularly updating your router's firmware. Consider using a firewall and disabling unnecessary network features for added protection. .

Implement a robust cybersecurity strategy, including regular data backups, employee training on phishing awareness, and the use of advanced antivirus software. Keep software and systems up-to-date to patch vulnerabilities.