Mobile Application Security Assesment.

Move beyond the automated scans and walk in the shoes of a real hacker.

What we Do

Unlocking the Artistry of Mobile Application Security Assessment

In an era defined by mobile dominance, security is paramount. Cyberrise Africa crafts an intricate dance between innovation and protection with our Mobile Application Security Assessment. As mobile technology surges, safeguarding sensitive data becomes an imperative melody. 

1. Pre-Engagement: Orchestrating the Prelude

Our journey begins by delving into the mobile application's architecture, use cases, and business logic. The data compilation sets the stage for a symphony of security testing, ensuring every note of your application is secure.

2. Threat Modelling: Crafting the Melody of Security

Creating an application's threat profile is akin to composing a symphony. Enumerating potential risks and associated threats shapes a unique melody. This tailored approach allows us to simulate attacks, transcending generic vulnerabilities and assessing actual risks.

3. Mapping Applications: Harmonizing Data Dynamics

Mapping the application's data to the generated threat profile requires precision. Parameters, from key chains to error handling, become musical notes. Each note resonates in perfect harmony, revealing vulnerabilities with a symphonic elegance.

4. Client-Side Attack: A Crescendo of Precision

Our client-side attack focuses on platform interaction, local storage, encryption, API calls, and file access controls. It's a crescendo of precision, ensuring the security of every aspect of your mobile application.

5. Network Layer Attack: Capturing the Rhythm of Networks

Attacking the network layer is a rhythmic exploration of communication channels and transport layer protection. We capture the rhythm of network traffic, evaluating every beat to ensure your mobile application's secure communication.

6. Back-end/Server-Side Attack: An Overture of Resilience

Back-ends, the heart of application functionality, face a simulated attack. Our team orchestrates an overture on web services and APIs, ensuring the robustness of your mobile application's core.

7. Report Submission: Crafting the Crescendo of Insight

Our journey crescendos with a detailed report, unraveling each observed vulnerability with precision. Root cause analysis, categorization, and mitigation strategies form a crescendo of insight, concluding with a confirmatory re-test certificate.

Unparalleled Support: The Symphony of Assurance

What sets us apart is not just expertise but our unwavering support. Our round-the-clock assistance ensures a seamless business symphony, devoid of hurdles.  

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AI in Harmony: The Symphony of Cyber Resilience

We integrate Offensive Neural, an AI-based platform, into our assessment. It's a symphony of advanced vulnerability detection, ensuring your mobile application stands resilient in the ever-evolving African cybersecurity landscape.

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What We Offer: A Symphony of Security Services

At CyberMatrix, we offer a symphony of services, including Mobile Application Security Assessment, API & Web Services Security Assessment, and Mobile Application Secure Source Code Review. Our services resonate with precision, detecting and mitigating vulnerabilities, ensuring your applications are a symphony of security.

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Why Mobile Application Security Assessment?

Crucial for developers, businesses, and users alike, our assessment provides confidence in mobile application security. The detailed report outlines security controls, flaws, and resolutions, fostering trust in the mobile realm.

Why Cyber Matrix Tech?

Our methodologies, powered by AI and executed by a skilled team, identify vulnerabilities with unmatched precision. We customize approaches for diverse applications, keeping pace with change. With support and reporting, we empower developers to compose secure systems for the future. Welcome to the symphony of cybersecurity at CyberMatrix.


What They Say.

Discover what our clients are saying about our penetration testing services—where thoroughness meets excellence. . 

Working with Cyber Matrix has been an amazing experience. Their team of elite ethical hackers and AI technology has helped us discover vulnerabilities in our systems that we never knew existed.

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Elena Rodriguez F5

Cyber Matrix is the premier destination for artificial intelligence in cybersecurity.The combination of AI technology and manual penetration testing by their elite researchers has given us the confidence to know that our systems are secure. We highly recommend Cyber Matrix to anyone looking for exceptional cybersecurity services.

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Marcus Turner F5

As a Fortune 500 company, we were looking for a trusted cybersecurity consultant that could provide us with comprehensive solutions to protect our assets. Cyber Matrix exceeded our expectation.

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Frequently Ask Questions


Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security by requiring users to provide two forms of identification before accessing an account. It enhances protection against unauthorized access, even if passwords are compromised.

Look for suspicious email addresses, unexpected attachments or links, and requests for sensitive information. Verify the sender's identity before clicking on any links. Cybersecurity training for employees is crucial to recognizing and avoiding phishing attempts. .

Secure your home network by using a strong, unique password for your Wi-Fi, enabling WPA3 encryption, and regularly updating your router's firmware. Consider using a firewall and disabling unnecessary network features for added protection. .

Implement a robust cybersecurity strategy, including regular data backups, employee training on phishing awareness, and the use of advanced antivirus software. Keep software and systems up-to-date to patch vulnerabilities.